The art of coffee making is actually very simple as long as you stick to a couple of fundamental rules. It is imperative that you stick to those rules though, because it can go catastrophically wrong if you don’t. If you do follow these steps, your coffee will turn out great every time. One fundamental rule is that you should always use the best ingredients.

Some of the materials you need:
• Water
• Whole coffee beans
• A coffee grinder
• A coffee filter
• A coffee machine
• Airtight container (storage)
• Baking soda (cleaning)
• Vinegar (cleaning)


The two most important materials are water and coffee beans. Water makes up approximately 98-99% of coffee, so if your water tastes bad, your coffee will taste bad too. It is important to buy whole coffee beans, because the fresher you grind the coffee, the better. What brand you want to buy is completely up to you. A copper filter is preferred over a paper filter because it lets through the coffee oils that the paper filter coffee brewing tips and tricks.

If you insist on using a paper filter, the brown paper filter is definitely the way to go. The coffee’s oil is essential to the taste of the coffee. The recommended way to clean your coffee pot is to use baking soda with a little water and vinegar. First, put ¼ of a cup of baking soda with a few drops of water and scrub the whole pot. Then add vinegar to the pot and let the pot bubble. After that, rinse the whole pot off with warm water. Some people prefer to do it twice to make sure they didn’t miss any spots in the first time. The resulting coffee pot should make better tasting coffee than a pot washed with dish washing soap.

When you are ready to brew your coffee, make sure your water is hot, but not boiling. The water temperature should be around 180-190 degrees Fahrenheit. You should always make sure that you are using enough coffee for each cup, or else your coffee will be too bland.