There is a trend among younger women today to not always wear accepted ‘ladies’ wrist watches. This is undoubtedly caused in part by technological changes. Devices such as iPods, iPhones and mobile phones all provide the function previously done by ladies wrist watches. However, t28here is a certain something about an elegant ladies wrist watch that will make this trend a short term setback in the history of the personal timepiece for women.Get the facts about  mvmt watch review.

Ladies wrist watches come in four broad functional categories.

Sport ladies wrist watches typically come in a ‘girlie’ colors like pink or pastel yellow and feature sport functions such as stop watches, timers, alarms and even heart rate monitoring. Mostly they are waterproof for the ladies who like to swim and know the time all the while.

Jewellery laden ladies wrist watches are the luxury category and are basically made from precious metals such as gold, platinum or silver. They often need to be insured because of the value of their diamonds and other gemstones embedded in them. The balance of these pieces is more about elegant adornment and expensive looks than about esoteric timekeeping.

Fashion ones are designed to complement the latest fashion and cult trends. The variety of colors and styles is amazing.

Classic types are the more traditional, even antique appearing watches that are from times past.

If you are considering presenting the 27special lady in your life with a watch always start the selection process with the lady herself rather than the category of ladies watches. Learn what interests and charms her.

Discover what her current time piece is like. Consider more than one watch for the distinct parts of her life such as a sports watch for when she goes to the tennis club and a platinum Gucci for when she goes to a dinner party. Ladies wrist watches sell from around $50 but the sky is the limit for the more expensive jewellery watches.