Bed bugs are a unique lot of pests. What makes them unique is their size and level of resistance should you try to terminate them. They are tiny, stubborn and persistent. For a long time the developed world had some how managed to bring them under control. However, today they are beginning to invade big cities. Historically the insects have lived along side human beings for several thousands of years and so continue to do so today. The small insects have no major health implications but are a nuisance. You can only ignore them at your own peril. Even though commonly known as bed bugs the scientific name is Cimex lectularius.

How do they spread?
images (9)For the bugs to multiply you only need to carry one and you will never notice them. When you reach home, one bed bug will produce several eggs, after that it will just be a matter of time and you will have been invaded by an army that will take a well calculated strategy to fight them.

How to identify them
Identifying the dreaded pest is tricky. They are extremely tiny insects reddish/ brown in color. Their main characteristic is sucking blood in the night. This is one way of identifying the insect. They also have a unique smell that is musky that distinguishes them from other insects like cockroaches. The adults are small and they cannot fly.

The bugs would be classified as intelligent. The places they occupy are normally hidden and almost inaccessible that seeing them by naked eyes is not easy. Many times Bed bugs are found in the following areas: Mattresses, Bed Springs; Couches; Seat Covers; Blankets; Head Boards; Clothes and Bed sheets.

High Risk areas
There is a misconception that these can only be found in unclean places. This has been proved not to be true as the dreaded pest has reared its ugly head in homes least expected to provide a place of habitation for them.

Traditionally the bugs would be found mainly in Prison cells, School Dormitories; Hotels; Refugee camps; Military barracks, today you will find them in posh Hotels, Homes and Hospitals. Apart from these areas bed bugs can be found under peeling paint and loose wallpaper; under carpeting near baseboards; in upholstered furniture seams; and under light switch plates or electrical outlets.Feel free to find more information at milwaukee, wi.

How do you fight or get rid of them?

While the pest reproduction rate is very high there is hope in eliminating them. Unlike in the past when only pesticides could be used today there are many options including organic remedies to eliminate the bed bugs. Bed Bug Treatment Checklist - Smithereen Pest Management ServicesGetting rid of them also includes engaging a professional to help identify the most effective way that will minimize the toxic effects of chemical pest control measures. Most people will order Pesticides over the counter but this method is risky and may not be effective. To minimize taking the wrong pesticide with high toxic it is therefore advisable to call in an expert. This may appear an expensive measure but in the long run turns out to be cheaper. The expert will usually help in finding the most suitable insecticide be used instead of experimenting with several and creating resistance. In case you have been a victim of the bugs, there is no need to panic go for the right method and you will sleep soundly again.