For most business CEOs, the owner position offers more than just one job title. They are in charge of everything, from creation to bookkeeping to management. What every business owner must consider is what is important in business. There are three main principles in business that lead to success, such as being able to communicate purpose, bring innovative and new ideas to the table, and the process of growth. While an owner plays the part of almost every character in their business, they must also be able to manage these important principles of business.

Communicating your strategy and purpose

What comes first in any line of work? Designing your purpose is important, because here you become aware of what your business is all about. It is important to create your story, acknowledging to yourself the business’ creation and letting others know and understand why it is that your business is here to help them. This is the backbone of your business, and creates the structure by which everything else follows. Picture the human body, if all the parts are set alone, there is no “body.” The purpose is the body of your business, giving it structure and personality. cincinnati’s christopher hildebrant has some nice tips on this

New and innovative ideas through projects

16Now that your business has a basic structure, it is time to add some characteristics. What are you going to do to work towards making your business work? The brain must now think, challenging itself with projects and questioning ideas. This area of business is where you must think and consider what your business needs to do to succeed, creating projects and goals to work towards. This is the time where you sit down and decide which direction your business needs to go. What projects must be generated, new ideas, and innovations are created to give you a direction in which to move in.

The process of growth

Now that your body has a mind, it is time to grow, carrying out the projects and goals that have been created. Ideas and projects must be sought after and accomplished, helping you to sort out what works and what doesn’t move you forward. This process requires its own specific attention because it is what brings your business to life. Without growth, a business is just a motor-less boat sitting in the middle of a lake.

Here, you bring your innovations together, design a strategy and make sure that it gets done. It is like the mind telling the finger to reach up and touch your nose. Though it sounds simple, there is amazing detail in what must take place in your body when this happens. It is the same for business; everything must be carried out through careful planning to accomplish your goals, and therefore stimulate growth.

Now that your body is working well, it’s time to communicate with the audience. It is important never to forget what your business is all about- helping the client. Owning your own business isn’t just about showing up to work every day and pushing a pen around on the desk. It is about working toward growth. In order to do that, your mind and body must understand that their jobs are separate, but at the same time they must work as one to accomplish growth and success.