The two most important functions of a door are to provide security while completing the room’s decor.

Front doors are designed with a focus on security. However, this does not mean that all aspects of beauty are disregarded. In fact, most door-makers have found a way to compliment strength and beauty when designing these doors. Every visitor will use this door when coming in and out of your house and this is reason enough for you to choose a door that is both stylish and strong.

There are three classes of exteriors doors. The classification is based on the material used to construct the doors. The three materials commonly used to construct doors are




Each of the materials mentioned above has different physical properties, and this dictates where the door will be used.

Wooden Doors

Wooden exterior doors are a common feature in most residential houses. This is because there are affordable, durable and attractive. To choosing a new front door for your Phoenix home for more details.

Also, there are various varieties of timber following under the broad categories of hard wood and soft wood. This makes it possible to order a custom made door to add a touch of unique personality to your home.

Steel Doors
Steel is known for its durability and toughness. Doors made from steel are mainly used as security measures. They may not have the quality appearance of wooden exterior doors, but one thing you will get is the assurance of maximum security.

Also, the latest designs come with superior quality locks and hinges for that extra protection. Most of these doors have what is known as a fish eye. A fish eye is a peephole which allows you to see through the door without opening it.

Fiberglass Doors
These are made from synthetic materials known as polymers. Because they are designed in the lab, it is possible to vary their properties. However there are some properties that are universal to all doors made from this material. Did you know fiberglass exterior doors are not prone to splitting, cracking and warping? Unlike wood and steel, the maintenance requirements are minimal since they do not dent or rust.