Easy To Get Hardship License

This 12 hour driving course Florida has everything you need to get your driving privileges reinstated without having to disrupt your whole life. This entire course can be done on the web, so you can access it from any computer that has a basic internet connection. This web-based format makes it possible to work around your schedule, so you never have to rearrange things in your life to make room for it.Get the facts about¬†¬†why you shouldn’t drive without your license.23

Take This 12 Hour Driving School Course If:
You have had your license suspended or revoked
You need to get a hardship license
If you have been court-ordered to complete an advanced driver improvement program
Affordable Course Price

The price is so affordable for this online course because everyone should have a way to get their driving privileges back without having to spend tons of money. This low price is all-inclusive too, which means it includes everything you need from start to finish. This way you never have to pay any hidden fees along the way because we guarantee that what you pay upfront is all that you will ever be charged. There are a variety of payment options to choose from online, allowing you to find the one that is best for you.

How to Apply for A Hardship License
You can qualify for your hardship license as soon as you receive your enrollment form for signing up for this course. This way you can drive yourself to the important places in life while you work on completing the entire course.

Course Breakdown Make Easy to Finish the Course
There are multiple units that make up this 12 hour driving school Florida course and each one deals with different issues that affect you as a driver every day. You can work on the units at whatever pace is comfortable for you without having to worry about anyone else. At the end of each unit you will have to pass a 10-question quiz, but you get unlimited attempts so you can’t fail.

Take a Break When You Want24
You can come and go as you please with this 12 hour ADI course Florida, so you can work on it in multiple sessions. There is no set amount of time for each session either, which allows you the freedom to work as little or as much as you want every day. All your course work will be saved for you each time you log out, so when you return you can get started on it right away.

Same Day Processing of Completion Certificate
Our team of representatives processes your certificate of completion the very day you finish this 12 hour driving class Florida because we know you want to get back behind the wheel as quickly as possible. After processing it is mailed right to your doorstep for convenience and we pay for the shipping, so it does not cost you a thing.