Every page should have a distinct heading and keyword. That heading should be enclosed in H1 tags in the HTML, and subheadings in H2 tags. Google places the utmost value on words added in the H1 tag, so use your chief keyword in your title, but do not make it the only word in your heading, but make sure you add more pertinent keywords.Image result for glow serp

For example, if your keyword is ‘make money online’ then your title should be ‘How to Make Money Online Through Affiliate Marketing’. That also allows you to use ‘affiliate marketing’ as a supplementary keyword.

Also relevant, and most of the time neglected as a search engine optimization facet, is your internal linking plan. It is feasible to organize your internal navigation to amplify the Google PageRank for any page of your choice: that should by and large be your home page – this is the page that it is easy to get listed in a chief ranking. Formulas which can teach you how to do this are are accessible online.If you wish to learn more about this, visit Glow Serp Consulting.

Inbound linking is one of the best website optimization methods that you can use, and it must be included in all SEO strategies. Google hold inbound links to your page from other web pages so well that it is possible to get a #1 listing with no content whatsoever except for adverts, as long as you have lots of other web pages linked to yours. There are many ways to attain this, but avoid using link farms that offer paid or unpaid links from pages not connected with your theme.

Even shared links between similar web pages may not accomplish the preferred results, and by far the most useful links are those that you don’t have to provide a shared link back to in return. The best means of doing this is through “article directories“, where by writing articles and having them published on the directories you get links back to a web page of your choice through the ‘author’s resource’, in which you are allowed to give an active clickable URL that connects back to a web page of your choice.

We can aid with all of these website optimization processes, and facilitate you to enhance your SEO in order to achieve the best probable listings for your keyword.