A perfect start to the day is making the perfect cup of delicious coffee! Brewing coffee is an art that needs to be practiced! A cup of coffee is always enjoyed when it is properly brewed and served at the right time and temperature. Here are some helpful tips to follow in order to achieve the best brewed and superior tasting cup of coffee.  It is preferable not to purchase pre-ground coffee from the grocery since it can go stale 30 minutes after grinding. The best thing to do therefore to enjoy your fresh cup everyday is to purchase your own grinder and grind the beans yourself – in minutes you will have a fresh and delicious brew. Ensure that there is consistency in the size of the grind. Coffee grounds that are too coarse or too fine can alter the taste. Remember that coffee grounds can only be used once. Let us know that  benefits of hot brewed coffee over cold brewed.

8Choose a good-quality coffee maker for brewing your coffee. The French Press is a coffee brewer of high quality which does not utilize paper filters or electricity so that all of the essential oils are left during the final brewing of the product. This will make your coffee unique in taste!

If it is necessary to use filters when using a coffee maker, then opt for the brown porous filters. These types of filters contain larger pores where the essential oils are allowed to pass through leaving a better-tasting and superior flavour.

Store the coffee beans in an airtight container and place in a cool area but never in refrigerators and freezers because low temperatures will take away the essential oils present in the coffee and will leave it dull-flavored and flat-tasting. You will need 1-2 teaspoons of ground coffee per cup you are going to brew.

When brewing, ensure that the water used is spring or filtered water as tap water can contain minerals that will leave a bad taste to the coffee. The mineral deposits left on the coffee maker will also shorten its life if it is not properly maintained and washed often. The best way to start a brew is with cold water and the coffee should be brewed for 2-5 minutes before plunging. Brewed coffee should be consumed immediately and not reheated! With these simple tips in mind you can be assured of acquiring the freshest and best-tasting coffee to start the day! Enjoy!