hqdefaultToday I am going to take an unpopular position and defend police officers and the enforcement of traffic laws and writing traffic tickets. At least those tickets that are generated by actual police officers and not those tickets that are issued by speed cameras. My opinion will be very biased because I am a retired police officer who has worked on a traffic unit for many years. This article is in response to many articles that are the opinions of other people who completely dismiss the ticket issue as purely a cash cow for the government and insurance companies and an initiative that has nothing to do with road safety. By clicking here we get info about how to not get a ticket while driving in Florida.

I will dare to say that everyone hates getting traffic tickets or parking tickets. I do not see anyone who will dispute that point. The prospect of having money taken out of our pockets because of poor driving choices really hurts. Hurts or Sucks or Bites or whatever terms that you may choose to use. I have had a couple in my life too so I know that no one is immune to tickets. There comes a point in time that every driver has to look in the rear view mirror and take responsibility for who is doing whatever action that caused them to get that ticket or to be stopped by the police. No, it is not the traffic cop who is at fault that you got that ticket. He was the guy who has a job to do and was at the right spot at the right time and had his eyes open to see whatever you did. Not his fault. The cop did not put his foot on your gas pedal or not stop at the stop sign or do whatever you are alleged to have done. Is anyone in today’s society who is willing to man up and admit that it was them who did something wrong? Thank you to those who are willing to do so. For those who may offer up a myriad of excuses, thank you for sharing and you may offer your excuses to the judge and he will make his determination. Playing the “Blame Game” and avoiding any responsibility on your part is old news. Time to suck it up buttercup!

trafficSo sorry that you may believe that you have your right to drive the way that you like and that the governments and judges and police all conspire to infringe on your God given rights to do whatever you want on the roadways. You may believe that any rules of the road should not apply to you because you are a more knowledgeable, aware and skilled driver on the road. While a certain percentage of the population may be better than average drivers, there is a portion of the population where this may be a belief but is not actually true. You may cite some studies, that may say that speed limits should be raised because of better designed highways, vehicles, and that X percentage of the drivers are already speeding at X clicks over the speed limit anyways… You may argue that “Speed does not kill” but that killer is the telephone pole that got in front of the car killed the driver. Some people may argue that there is not that much of a bigger “Bang” when you crash at 75 miles an hour than when you crash at 60 miles and hour. Well if you crash into the back of a semi truck that extra 15 MPH may be the difference between stopping before the bumper of the semi or having the bumper come to rest where your head would be located in that crash.

One of the lessons that I have learned in life is that there is always someone somewhere who is willing to take a stand and debate any position in life. They may have acquired knowledge through study and research but there are many who will cry from the rooftops an opinion based entirely on how they feel. I base my opinion on what I have studied and read and experienced and lived on the highways. I cannot provide a scientific paper to support all of my positions because there will always be challenges by the opposition side of how data was collected and other points. I could easily take the same position with any of the research that the opposition may provide and discredit their statistics. People who are filling out Motor Vehicle Collision Reports are not inclined to document that they were speeding, distracted because they had Rover riding on their lap or were wiping up that coffee that they had spilled in their laps. The appropriate data will be very difficult to collect because today’s persons are more willing to blame everyone and anyone else instead of taking their own responsibilities.