17If you are thinking of buying omega 3 supplements, you need to be aware of a few important facts to be able to make the right choice and not buy low quality supplements. Omega 3 is very beneficial to the body because it contain the essential fatty acids called EPA and DHA. The body requires high amounts of those fatty acids to function properly, but the body cant manufacture those fats on its own. You need to eat foods that provide your body with those fatty acids. There are various sources of omega 3 like plants, farm raised fish and fish oil. However the absolute best source of omega 3 fatty acids is fish oil. You can eat fish like salmon tuna, sardines, shrimp and others to get those fats you need. But sometimes is not possible to eat fish on a regular basis and you dont know if it was purified.

18There are fish oil supplements that provide all the necessary DHA and EPA fats your body needs and are completely safe eat. You just need to make sure that the fish comes from clean waters so it contains less contamination and that it has undergone a distillation process. Here are a few signs that help you to know if your product is not high quality:

– do you burp up your capsules after swallowing them
– does it leave a bad taste
– does it contains harmful chemicals
– is it purified.  Our website provides info on how you benefit from Omega 7 supplements

19It is known that the waters of the ocean contain a lot of industrial waste and many other contaminants that get into the flesh of fish. Fish that contains mercury or toxins is because it has not been purified and is risky for your health. But with a distillation process is possible to remove toxins and mercury from the fish. Another very important point is that your omega 3 supplement should contain the right amount of dha and epa. It necessary to have high amounts of dha because it is then converted to epa in the body. Low quality products include small amounts of DHA in their products. DHA is needed by the brain in high amounts to function properly, in fact people with low DHA, have bipolar problems, mental disorders, ADHD, lack of focus and other conditions.